Blueberry Bites

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The Taste

Ingredients: blueberries, cashews, lemon zest, salt, vanilla

Best Uses

Raw, housemade, and delicious. Blueberrie bites are great dehydrated treat anytime of the day. The dehydration process keeps the food raw, retaining nutrients for long periods of time and concentrating flavor. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and flavor! Throw them in your pocket and enjoy on the trail, you know, if they make it to your car!

Made From

These lil berries pack the highest punch of antioxidants of any fruit! 90% of bluberries are grown in the US. Native Americans used them to treat coughs. I'm sure if they had blenders, they woulda made smoothies too.

Sweet, savory, and packed with energy, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essential for robust health.

The peel of the lemon. It has enzymes the rest of the lemon doesn't, and even more flavor. Good for disease prevention and helps your body neutralize free radicals.

Your body needs at and your taste buds will argue the same.

Complex sugars, essential oils, vitamins and minerals make this bean a great flavor addition. Ancient Mayans believed it to be an aphrodisiac, but we don't have access to their research.