Cal-G Kick

This one will wake you up or just keep you going.
It’s a colorful kickstart. anytime of day.
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The Taste

Ingredients: apple, carrot, ginger, lemon

Best Uses

“A carrot a day keeps the doctors at bay. An apple a day cleanses the refuse away.” From Norman Walker’s book Natural Weight Control, he tells us fruit juices clean the body, and veggie juices build and regenerate. With mostly carrot and apple, and a splash of lemon and ginger, the CAL-G kick is a great combo of both.

Good anytime of day, it’s a favorite to get going in the morning. The ginger will definitely get things kick started!

Carrot juice does such a job cleaning the liver that your body will sometimes expel toxins through your skin, temporarily turning it orange/yellow. The glow of a clean system!

Made From

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” What more do you need to know? Apples are packed with nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, good quantities of C and B-complex vitamins, and beta-carotene, all working together to promote health.

These root vegetables pack wholesome health benefiting compounds such as beta-carotenes, falcarinol, vitamin A, minerals and antioxidants in ample amounts. They also make great noses for snowmen.

Ginger has been in use since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, carminative, anti-flatulent, and anti-microbial properties. Ginger also contains a good amount of minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, and magnesium.

Citric acid constitutes up to 8% of lemon juice. Citric acid is a natural preservative, aids in smooth digestion, and helps dissolve kidney stones. Lemons contain a variety antioxidants, A and B-complex vitamins, and a variety of minerals.